David Cintract has lived and worked in Paris since 1988.

Painter, plastic artist, sculptor and photographer all rolled into one, he created the Pop Libre movement, which is in fact more a state of mind than an artistic movement in the normal sense of the word.

David Cintract is fascinated with exuberant sculpture and with briging works together in a kind of Ali Baba’s Cave.

His art is inspired by current topics and the subjects of everyday life; it is suffused with all the ambiguity of childlike artistic universe slightly out of sync, in which optimism is tainted with tragedy.

A splash of gay colours and motifs, where sparkling and joyful communication goes hand-in-hand with a profusion of deep questions and symbols: this is the hallmark of David Cintract, who refuses an overly facile approach and points to subtle links between highly poetic forces and more sombre impulses.


Drawing on a very broad range of techniques that includes oil painting, photography, inclusion and digigraphy, he uses numerous media (canvas, mannequins, cars, among others) to develop a number of key themes running through our post-modern society:

  • man at the heart of limitless frivolous consumerism,
  • the role of adult fantasies and erotic games,
  • the loss of our childish side in a society that has abandoned all belief in dreams.

David Cintract exhibits his work worldwide, and his universal artistic language inspires a deep interconnection in audiences from all cultural and geographical backgrounds.