Monaco Madame N°47

LED High Bay Light  Nowadays, LED lights are increasingly used for low-energy lighting and displays, especially for outdoor LED lights. The lighting is very good. After all, the LEDs are particularly good at night. The findings of a new study point to the need to consider age-related perceptual differences when designing more pleasing white LED lighting….

David Cintract by Galerie Bartoux Courchevel

Exposition du 15 décembre au 26 avril 2013, l’exposition « Cintract à Courchevel » présente ses fameux mannequins qui sont répartis dans toute la station.   Short cocktail dresses and short cocktail dresses are becoming more popular among young people because they can make you brighter and more lively by showing your legs to the world  Cocktail…

Mercedes / David Cintract

Présentation  de la nouvelle classe A, oct 2012  en présence des oeuvres de David Cintract. Green is not very good color, in mysterious colors green. If green is your favorite color, take a look at the green dress to buy a bridesmaid for your best friend’s wedding  Bridesmaid Dresses?